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rolleyes.gif Multiple 7PEs

What is Win7PE

Win7PE is a small project but powerful reincarnated Live CD from Windows 7 Operating System kernel core. It is obviously built by Winbuilder engine and set of Winbuilder-scripts like some other projects VistaPE and LiveXP. The difference from WinPE 3.0 is that it has graphical user interface and many more powerful functions. It can be added more drivers (Wireless, Wifi, ect) and many other preinstalled-software. Like Windows preinstallation Environment 3.0, it is running in RAM, so it has the fastest activities in current Operating System Environment for System Administrators.

Requirements to build and run.

1. Winbuilder Version 077 or above.
2. Source machine should be Windows XP sp2 or above.(Only support for x86)
3. Need Minimum Free HDD space 4gb recommended.(for mount boot.wim and install.wim)
4. Minimum RAM should be 768 Mb for 32bit, 1Gb RAM is needed for 64bit build)
5. For Virtual Testing, installed Vmware player/workstation or VisualBox will be required. For 64bit, unfortunately no Emulators is fully supported yet.
6. CD R/W Rom for cd build.
7. USB 512Mb or above for USB Booting users.

What Advantages.

1. Because of running in RAM, boot media can be removed after loading.
2. Support ATA, SATA, RAID, SCSI.
3. Read/Write support on FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3.
4. Support Networking. (lots of NIC drivers are build-in included so no worry for common drivers-installation.
5. Can extend to several functions (like Audio, Video)
6. Support access to any Windows version (DOS to Windows 7) and Linux. Besides, you can access through Apple MACs by Mediafour MacDrive preinstalled.
7. Main shell as Windows 7 explorer, so no worry to folders and file-management.
8. In addition, it has BSexplorer and QDir small shells included for especially urgent Admins.

Multiple PEs

In this NEW version I have made a new designed for multiple PEs.
Multiple PEs includes
1. Vista SP-0, 1, 2 for 32 & 64bit
2. Windows server 2k8 SP-0 0,1,2 for 32bit & 64bit
3. Windows 7 for 32bit & 64bit

wink.gif Windows Explorer shell is supported for all above versions. cool.gif

In this version, you do not need to worry about any version of Windows DVD means if you have dual version of DVD or single version of DVD.
Dual version of DVD defines in some cases there are dual versions of Vista(32bit+64bits) or Windows 7(32bits+64bits).
Any of above dual version of DVD, project will create only 32bits and not supported yet for individual version select at the moment.

There are many Error check functions in every single of projects such as Tools folder check, explorer shell check, Mount error check and Version check.

I would like to remind you that about applications if you are building 64bit version. Because there are very limited programs supported 64bits. It has just only intended for some advanced users who are developing 64bit environments. In the other hand, from 64 bit PE does not support 32bit programs like in real 64bit installed machine.

And the background image is supported in all versions and you can change any bmp image within the script. How to change:
1.on Winbuilder, click on the DesktopBackground.script >Edit>Attachments>
2. you will see setup.7z and winpe.7z files. You can change any image within those files.

In 64bit versions, there is not supported Joshua’s PE Loader because it is not supportive for 64bit yet. (Requested to Joshua, thanks to Joshua)
And networking is not supported yetnow. But if you want to fancy about Internet, it is still OK, of course you need PENetwork Manager script from Holger. (note: need to change to be compatible with my scripts and comment all registry setting)
MMC is supported in this version.

Unfortunately, I have never tested with WAIK in this version.

Most commonly encountered errors.
1. Tools folder
2. Mount image(s)
3. Desktop Background script

To avoid errors

You have to check with Tools folder which is all needed files are in it.
For mount error, check 0 – PreConfig.script under Build folder which is selected with 2 in boot.wim countainer and 1 in install.wim container.

Common mount error can be occurred by without installing FileManager(FltMgr).
How to install FltMgr
For newly build, first put all the files in text file plus fltMgr.sys which I forget to mension.
Secondly, right click on FltMgr\fltMgr.inf and click install and you may need to derect the file when windows ask.
Do not restart your PC on this stage and finally right click on wimfltr.inf and click on install. After installing, you may need to restart your PC. Now you can start your project.
Adding finished.
ImageX is needed for 64 bit version build.
Desktop Background script error will occur without any reasons sometime. No worry, right click on the error Title Bar and click stop to end pop up. And re-run only the script manually.
For consistent errors, you may need to restart your PC and run again that script only.
And then run the following scripts(3 – PostConfig.script, 4 – Create ISO.script) manually so that you can save your time. (If you start from scratch, will take more your valuable time)

Download using Winbuilder Server: win7pe.winbuilder.net/Projects  --> check: picture

Any errors and feed back are welcome. smile.gif



p-s : I do not include any other programs in this build. Refer to LiveXP programs' scripts as these are compatible with any version (32 & 64 bit) Thanks to Lancelot. thumbsup.gif

Multiple PE Server Files:

  Multi 7PEs12551.47 KBFully multiboot system, Windows PE 3.0 like environment, Linux, ReactOS, FreeDOS and more in one project!NightMan, YahooUK, Lancelot
  API1215.23 KBAPI for Win7PE, you can not run this script directly.NightMan + Modified by yahooUK
  Common_Api21179.47 KBThis script contains a set of magic functions that you can use inside your script to make some tasks easier like creating shortcuts and extracting files.Pedro Le 15
  Main Configuration1230.94 KBWin7PE Main Configuration EditorNightMan, Modified by yahooUK
  Locale12109.98 KBLocale settings for Win7PE, you can not run this script directly.Boot Land community
  project.ini640 Bytes

  8 - Create Shortcuts92.01 KBCreate ShortcutsJoshua
  Dart65.script.bak171.76 KB
  MMC12331.6 KBNeeds Windows Vista DVD as sourceNightMan, Nikzzzz, 2aCD, Markus Debus

  Additional Files12359 BytesAny files and folders you want to add in System32.yahooUK


       win7pe/Addons/Add/Files/Program Files


  PENetwork.exe926.73 KB

  DaRT.7z443.07 KB

  USBDLM12601 BytesyahooUK


  ListUsbDrives.exe90 KB
  ListUsbDrives_To_Notepad.cmd75 Bytes
  ListUsbDrives_To_Notepad_debug.cmd77 Bytes
  USBDLM.exe221 KB
  USBDLM.txt1.64 KB
  USBDLM_eng.chm127.75 KB
  USBDLM_Licence.txt2.95 KB
  USBDLM_sample.ini1.15 KB
  USBDLM_usr.exe7 KB
  _install.cmd17 Bytes
  _start.cmd15 Bytes
  _stop.cmd14 Bytes
  _uninstall.cmd19 Bytes

  ListUsbDrives.exe112.5 KB
  ListUsbDrives_To_Notepad.cmd75 Bytes
  ListUsbDrives_To_Notepad_debug.cmd77 Bytes
  USBDLM.exe279.5 KB
  USBDLM.txt1.64 KB
  USBDLM_eng.chm127.75 KB
  USBDLM_Licence.txt2.95 KB
  USBDLM_sample.ini1.15 KB
  USBDLM_usr.exe8 KB
  _install.cmd17 Bytes
  _start.cmd15 Bytes
  _stop.cmd14 Bytes
  _uninstall.cmd19 Bytes

  10-Desktop Background129.26 MBWindows Background Image supportParaglider created upon yamingw's reg

  folder.project163 BytesMain building scripts
  0 - PreConfig121.03 MBMounting source, detecting languages and more...NightMan, Modified by yahooUK
  1 - Copy Files121.76 MBMake folders and copy all basic files. This step is fundamental to add all needed system files.NightMan, YahooUK
  2 - Shell & Config122.73 MBConfiguring shell, startup and more...NightMan, Modified by yahooUK

  ISO file Namer148.89 KBScript Helps modifications on Iso File name of the projects. Very useful when profects uses different source architectures (x64/x86) and ease to give file names.Lancelot
  3 - PostConfig12108 KBFinalizing Win7PE...NightMan
  4 - Create ISO121.29 MBCompile current compilation on the target directory to an ISO file using mkISOfsNightMan
  5 - Burn ISO (Active@ ISO Burner)12327.95 KBBurn final ISO file (GUI)NightMan
  6- Copy to USB-Device121.2 MBCopy Win7PE to any USB-Devicebooty#1, Doc, NightMan

  PEnetCFG23312488.49 KBYahooUK
  PENetwork Beta V44622.84 KBNetwork (LAN/WLAN) settings & support. Needs Vista/Server2008/Win7 DVD source !!!Holger Kotsch
  SecNet917.11 KBNetwork configuration toolsNightMan
  VirtNet Network Adapter211.84 KBAdds VirtNet Network Adapter to the PE buildGalapo
  VMWare Ethernet313.68 KBHighwayStar

  folder.project1301 BytesIf you want to add/delete/edit files/folders in boot.wim, just run RepairMount and do whatever in %BaseDir%\Mount folder. When finished run RepairUnmount to save and unmount boot.wim. This will save your value time as you run from begining.
  RepairMount12607 BytesEase of repair boot.wim with any changes and add or delete files-folders. Never selected True this script.yahooUK
  RepairUnMount12603 BytesAfter repairing boot.wim This script will save and unmount it. Never selected True this script.yahooUK

  Explorer Shell122.79 MBNeeds Windows Vista-2k8-7 DVD as sourceNightman, YahooUK
  WoW64_Basic_Multi71341.02 KBAdds WoW64 (Windows on Windows64) Support to PEx64 builds. WoW64 make 32bit programs work on 64bit environment.JFX
  PEshell12326.35 KByahooUK
  BS Explorer 212307.33 KBNightMan
  qDir12160.9 KByahooUK

  PEShell.exe323 KB
  PEShell.ini1.84 KB

  Q-Dir.ini3.39 KB

  Q-Dir.ini3.22 KB
  Qdir.exe526.5 KB
  start.qdr704 Bytes

  FireFox.lnk440 Bytes
  NirSoft.lnk440 Bytes
  Programs.lnk372 Bytes
  Qdir.lnk429 Bytes

  Qdir.exe1.42 MB

  FireFox.lnk440 Bytes
  NirSoft.lnk440 Bytes
  Programs.lnk372 Bytes
  Qdir.lnk429 Bytes

  qEmu Emulation151.55 MBRuns your PE ISO in QEMU (Thanks to Fabrice Bellard)Boot Land community
  VirtualBox Emulation41801.9 KBRuns your PE ISO in VirtualBoxFxscrpt, JFX, Kare, Lancelot
  VMware Emulation2930.94 KBRuns your ISO in VMware Player 2 & 3 - Workstation 5 & 6 & 7booty#1


  7z.dll709 KB
  7z.exe146.5 KB
  7za.exe513 KB
  7za_License.txt1.26 KB
  7z_License.txt2 KB
  Iso-Burner.chm36.65 KB
  Iso-Burner.exe293.7 KB
  iso-burner_license.txt6.54 KB
  mkisofs-help.txt10.31 KB
  mkisofs.exe215.34 KB
  SetACL.exe252 KB
  Tools.txt492 Bytes
  upx.exe263 KB
  WimUtil.exe494.49 KB

  devcon.exe90.5 KB
  License GPL.txt15.06 KB
  License.txt1.48 KB
  Notepad.exe989 KB
  Notepad2.ini22.54 KB
  Notepad2.txt33.4 KB
  SetACL.exe431 KB