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  Win7PE SE17192.67 KBWin7PE_SE project that supports Win7 DVD SP0 and SP1, x86 and x64NightMan, YahooUK, Lancelot, ChrisR
  Main Configuration1826.17 KBWin7PE Main Configuration EditorNightMan, yahooUK, JFX, ChrisR
  Images configuration71.31 MBImages tools and InformationChrisR
  project.ini267 Bytes
  Share Scripts11458 KB(v1.1) Time To Share Application scripts between projects easily by using WB link :)Lancelot, BlueLife, ChrisR

  folder.project176 BytesHere you find all program scripts.


       Win7PE_SE/Apps/File Tasks

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/File Tasks/Compression
  7-Zip File Manager343.23 MB(x86/x64 v9.20) A file archiver with a high compression ratio. Formats: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR (packing/unpacking) and ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, DEB, DMG, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MSI, NSIS, RAR, RPM, UDF, WIM, XAR and Z (unpacking only)saydin77, Jon Fleming, Lancelot

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/File Tasks/File Copy

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/File Tasks/File Find
  Super Finder XT216.85 MB(v1.6.3.2) Powerful replacement for Windows XP™ built-in search. Search files, folders and other data efficiently and easily.Jon Fleming

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/File Tasks/File Unlock

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/HD Tasks

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/HD Tasks/Defrag

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/HD Tasks/Diagnostic

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/HD Tasks/File Undelete

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/HD Tasks/Imaging

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/HD Tasks/MBR

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/HD Tasks/Recover

  Opera USB83.6 MBOpera best browser ever :)Saydin77, Lancelot, ChrisR
  Opera USB File318.09 MB(v11.11) Script is only a container for Operausbxxxxint.zip + giving info for packed file AND packed subfolderGena People


       Win7PE_SE/Apps/Network/Remote Connect

  Portable Apps in PE!101.91 MBComplete support for adding programs and customizing your LiveXP and Win7 boot disk without the need to re-run WinBuilder! Includes support for portable and ppAX - "same as script" - customizable, updatable installations in PE.amalux
  PStart and Papps101.92 MBLaunch program Pstart with autorun (if not in Ram) and Portable_AppsChrisR


  config.xml9.02 KB
  Explorer++.exe670.5 KB
  History.txt39.07 KB
  License.txt32.32 KB
  Readme.txt718 Bytes







  folder.project1102 BytesKeep in mind 'BS Explorer' shell have special 'Setting' folder
  01 README Apps Setting2706 BytesBS Explorer have special StartMenu "Setting" Folder. Nothing critical, only annoying things happens time to time. Better to avoid making "Setting" subfolder Shortcuts if you do not know what you are doing. Further you are free to do as you like.Boot Land community



  xCHM261.4 MB(v1.19) xCHM is a viewer for Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files. It can show the contents tree if one is available, print the current page and do the usual history stunts. It allows changing fonts and searching for text in all the pages of the file, or in the pages' titles.Galapo, NightMan

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/System Tools
  folder.project1101 BytesKeep in mind 'BS Explorer' shell have special 'System' folder
  01 README Apps System2701 BytesBS Explorer have special StartMenu "System" Folder. Nothing critical, only annoying things happens time to time. Better to avoid making "System" subfolder Shortcuts if you do not know what you are doing. Further you are free to do as you like.Boot Land community
  Attribute Changer Petges31.48 MB(v6.20) Attribute Changer shell extension is a power user tool to change all kind of file and folder attributes, date, time.ChrisR
  LetterSwap5383.98 KBSynchronizes letters of disks Host & Guest OSNikzzzz
  Resolution Changer SX2383.52 KB(v1.0.7.0) Resolution Changer SX2 allows you dynamically switch your screen resolution with an easy and accessible system tray utility, without the incessant hassle of windows and prompts.Altorian
  ServiWin9119.29 KB(v1.46) View list of installed drivers and allow to modify their startup priorityNirsoft, ChrisR

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/System Tools/Debug

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/System Tools/Explorer Addons

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/System Tools/HW Info

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/System Tools/Registry
  RegShot2 Unicode42.38 MB(x86/x64 v2.0.1.70) Compare changes in the registry between two moments.Lancelot
  Runscanner KB(v1.0.0.25) Program developed by Paraglider to load a remote registry and run a program and then unload the remote registry. Originally developed for non-PE-aware antispyware applications. Includes a shortcut for editing the target registry in regedit, and a shell extension for running any program.Paraglider, JonF, Lancelot

       Win7PE_SE/Apps/System Tools/Windows Setup


  folder.project163 BytesMain building scripts
  0 - PreConfig21308.28 KBMounting source and more...NightMan, Modified by yahooUK, JFX, ChrisR, Lancelot
  Retrieve Tools5423.54 KBRetrieve hostOS Tools and Wim Tools ...ChrisR
  1 - Copy Files2781.39 KBMake folders and copy all basic files. This step is fundamental to add all needed system files.NightMan, YahooUK, JFX
  2 - Shell & Config245.48 MBConfiguring shell, startup and more...NightMan, yahooUK, JFX
  5 - WoW64 Basic8384 KBWoW64 (Windows on Windows64) provides support for running 32bit programs in a 64bit environment.JFX
  6 - Common Files36.06 KBcommon library (VB5, VB6 and etc)JFX, Modified by Altorian
  9 - Autorun234.1 KBAdd Autorun.exe, autorun.cmd at startUpParaglider
  CdDrive %CDDrive% - X: - Y:4781.79 KBDrive Letter of Cd-Usb v2 For x86 & x64 PE2/3 ProjectsMax_Real Qnx, Lancelot, ChrisR
  Common_Api25260.98 KB(v25rev89) This script contains a set of magic functions that you can use inside your script to make some tasks easier like creating shortcuts and extracting files.Pedro Le 15, Galapo, Lancelot
  Locale18143.05 KBLocale settings for Win7PE, you can not run this script directly.Boot Land community
  Retrieve More Localized Info1791.29 KBProvides detailed Localization informations of Source and HostOS by using LCID.exe of fxscrpt. Additionaly provides HostOS Utilities.FxScrpt, Lancelot, Max_Real QNX, BlueLife, ChrisR
  Revision Check11.67 KB'Revision Check' provides updates of project scripts that are updated with Revision number.Galapo, Lancelot

  Additional Files138.32 KBAny files and folders you want to add manually :).yahooUK
  BitLocker428.41 KBBitLocker Drive Encryption is a full disk encryption feature included with the Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Microsoft's Windows Vista and Windows 7 desktop operating systems, as well as the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 server platforms.Ludovici, dera
  Calculator97.6 KBWill add Calculator to the PE compilation.John Adamopoulos
  DaRT6515793.82 KBMicrosoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (need ERD Commander) includes many advanced recovery tools. System files scan, password change, erased/formatted file recovery, computer management, remove hotfixes, wipe a disk, analyze crashes, and more. Some functions require Windows DVD source.yahooUK, JonF
  DirectX 11114.12 MBDirectX11 for Win7PE x86/x64YahooUK, ChrisR
  .Net Framework650.39 KBAdd .Net Framework 2/3 support to PEJFX, 2aCD
  HostOS Import Manager18.33 KBImport HostOS settings to PE (ex: TimeZone - ...)ChrisR
  Hotplug2160.24 KBSafely remove hardware from your computer with Hotswap! toolsDera
  HwPnP2830.15 KBHwPnP: Install Plug and Play Hardware Detection (x86 only)Paraglider
  Internet Explorer 86614.83 KBTested with Explorer-ShellDera, 2aCD
  IE Favorites1020 KBMaintain Favorites url filesLancelot
  IE Flash (Only IE)84.32 MB(v10.1.85.3) Adobe Flash Playersaydin77, Zerojinny, dera, 2aCD
  IE Proxy Settings2221.04 KBInternet Explorer Proxy Settings2aCD, NightMan, Markus Debus
  ISCSI Initiator341.68 KBMicrosoft iSCSI InitiatorLudovici, ChrisR
  MMC17113.92 KBNeeds Windows Vista or Windows 7 DVD as sourceNightMan, Nikzzzz, 2aCD, Markus Debus
  MSI Installer322.42 KBAdd msi installer support to your PE (32/64bit)dera, Modified by Altorian
  Paint14.09 KBAdd MsPaint to PEJFX
  Photo Viewer1131.7 KB(No Waik) ImagingDevicesChrisR
  PowerShell v2.0349.94 KBNeeds Windows Windows 7 DVD as source and DotNet Framework2aCD
  Wordpad14.48 KBAdd MsWordpad to PEJFX
  Notepad21.19 MBNotepad Context Menu, shortcut and Notepad2 replacementChrisR
  PENetwork121.41 MB(v0.56 inside) Network (LAN/WLAN) settings & support. Needs Vista/Server2008/Win7 DVD source !!!Holger Kotsch, edit by JFX
  Remote Desktop Connection178.22 KBAdds Remote Desktop Connection client to the PE build. (PE2&3 requires DVD as source)NightMan, JonF, Joshua
  MS Visual C++ Runtimes (2005/2008)38.56 MBAdd Microsoft VC++ 2005/2008 Redistributables to PEJFX

  Audio9503.86 KBAdds Audio to your Win7PE, Need DVD and DX11NewBSOD, JFX, Ludovici, ChrisR, dera and PaPeuser
  original display drivers113.58 KBAdd original display drivers to your Windows 7 PE#$XNew Nvidia diplay driver can't be installed without reboot, but the original work#$XChrisR
  Driver Package Installer11.79 MBDriver Package Installer process, which relies on DPInst to add drivers to a running installation (i.e. POST creation).#$xThis version leverages the DriverPacks or others as the source of the drivers, but just unpacks or copy them onto the media,#$xinstead of into the WIM as the DISM process would require.#$xThis allows you to control which ones you want integrated into the WIM and which are available after booting the PE.sbaeder,ChrisR
  USB 3.0 Support51.1 MB(~250KB) port of cdob's plugin - adds nusb3hub.sys and nusb3xhc.sys to the buildcdob
  Virtual PC Intel Network Driver751.84 KBPEx86 only: DC21X4.SYS+net21x4.infthuun
  VMWare Ethernet647.04 KBPEx86 only: vmxnet.sys + vmxnet.infHighwayStar
  Driver Integration212.29 KBAdd Drivers to your Windows Vista or Windows 7 PEJFX, 2aCD

  Optimizations422.4 KBOptimizations required to be made at pre-end of the buildChrisR, Lancelot
  TrimDownPE22.02 MBReduce the data that are no longer considered in useJFX, ChrisR
  1 - Pins38.71 KBPins programs on Win7Rui Paz
  3 - PostConfig1811.58 KBFinalizing Win7PE...NightMan
  4 - Create ISO191.15 MBCompile current compilation on the target directory to an ISO file using mkISOfsNightMan
  Save log file22.54 KBJFX

  folder.project171 BytesOther OS for multiboot CD/USB
  Floppy-Images313.32 KBAdd Floppy images to the Bootmanager Menu ( Grub4Dos or Isolinux)2aCD
  Hirens Boot CD (for v 14.0 and possibly later)315.93 KBAdds Hiren's Boot CD to the PE. Can provide access to *just* the windows tools -OR- also add the DOS and other stand-alone tools to the 'Other OS' Menu. As of version 14, Hirens includes Parted Magic as it's Linux Recovery option. It is listed as a separate option since it may be added here or by it's own 'Other OS' script.sbaeder,ChrisR
  Memtest86+ 4.2012238.56 KBTool to diagnose and troubleshoot PC memory problems.Markus Debus
  Multi-WIM316.85 KBCreate Windows 7 - Bootmenu for multiple WIM-Files2aCD
  Parted Magic Linux12527.96 KBThe Parted Magic OS employs core programs of GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful programs (e.g. Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, and ddrescue) and an excellent set of documentation to benefit the user. An extensive collection of fileystem tools are also included.Requires the Grub4Dos or ISOLinux boot manager.Markus Debus, Jon Fleming
  Plop Boot Manager12.05 MB(v5.0.11.2) Plop Boot Manager by Elmar Hanlhofer. The Plop Boot Manager is a small program to boot different operating systems. The boot manager has a builtin ide cdrom and usb driver to access those hardware without the help/need of a bios.Lancelot

  0 - Shell Swapper TimeOut114.83 KBSet the timeout of PEShellJFX
  1 - Explorer Shell25283.3 KBNeeds Windows Vista-2k8-7 DVD as sourceNightman, YahooUK, JFX, Ludovici, Vvurat, Max_Real_Qnx, ChrisR, 2aCD
  2 - BS Explorer 212310.36 KBNightMan
  3 - q-Dir142.38 KByahooUK
  4 - BB4WIN (32 & 64 bit)71.97 MBbbLean is the lean version of Blackbox for Windows. It tries to keep balance between features and complexity, to give you some efficient means within a compact shell. Windows Win7 DVD is needed...Altorian
  5 - µExplorer Shell25264.23 KBNeeds Windows Vista-2k8-7 DVD as sourceNightman, YahooUK, JFX, Ludovici, Vvurat, Max_Real_Qnx, ChrisR, 2aCD

  Q-Dir.ini3.39 KB

  Q-Dir.exe623.5 KB
  Q-Dir.ini3.22 KB
  start.qdr704 Bytes


  Q-Dir.exe1.56 MB


  Wallpaper42.25 MBChange you desktop backgroundHomes32
  BGInfo71.11 MBBGInfo automatically displays relevant information about a Windows computer on the desktop's background, such as the computer name, IP address, service pack version, and more.Homes32
  Classic Shell 2.8.3 beta52.94 MB(For explorer shell only) Classic Shell is a collection of features that were available in older versions of Windows but are removed from Vista and Windows 7. It has a classic start menu for Windows 7, it adds a toolbar for Windows Explorer and supports a variety of smaller features.JFX, ChrisR, Rui Paz
  ClearLock91.27 MB(1.4.0) Transparent Screen LockerHomes32
  Context Menu214.07 KBContext Menu - Right click pop-up menuChrisR
  Control Panel Display & Aero93.7 MBControl Display & Aero themeLudovici, JFX, Vvurat, ChrisR
  Reboot and Shutdown shortcut112.83 KBReboot and Shutdown shortcutChrisR
  ShutdownPE141.77 MB(v.13d)(1.4.2) ShutdownPE provides basic and advanced options for shutdown/restart in PEHomes32
  SideBar5462.72 KB(*Beta) Gadgets SideBarLudovici, 2aCD, ChrisR

  Mount1834.06 KBMount your Target and/or Source - Ease repair your build without rebuilding your projectyahooUK, ChrisR, Homes32, NightMan
  RegEdit1931.31 KBEdit Registry hives without rebuilding your project.yahooUK, ChrisR, Homes32
  Extract Wim Folders42.14 MBExtract boot.wim and install.wim to folders and get ready to build :) (Thanks ChrisR for 'Images Configuration'->'Extract Wim' option on Win7PESE)Lancelot, ChrisR
  GimageX6321.18 KB(v2.0.17) GImageX is a graphical user interface for the ImageX toolChrisR
  RegCPE3813.1 KB(v1.4.1.0) Registry Convert PE - Convert .Reg to .Au3 & .Reg & .script to be used for PE Build Tasks Easily and Securely :).BlueLife, Lancelot
  Update Win7PE SE (Exact and Secure)31.96 MBScript helps you to download 'exact' copy of 'project server' and to Update easly. Thanks to BlueLife for BLExactServerBlueLife, Lancelot

  Best Emulation729.26 KBRuns your ISO with best possible (available) virtual machine (emulator)TheOven Chefs
  qEmu Emulation181.56 MBRuns your ISO in QEMU (Thanks to Fabrice Bellard)TheOven Chefs :) and thanks to BlueLife
  VirtualBox Emulation481.17 MBRuns your PE ISO in VirtualBoxFxscrpt, JFX, Kare, Lancelot
  Virtual PC Emulation5111.28 KBRuns your ISO in Microsoft Virtual PCBeatZero, Lancelot
  VMware Emulation3944.89 KBRuns your ISO in VMware Player 2 & 3 - Workstation 5 & 6 & 7 - Serverbooty#1, TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)

  ImgBurn ISO183.56 MB(v2.5.5.0) Burn your image to CD/DVD'sLIGHTNING UK
  Copy to USB-Device141.36 MBCopy Win7PE to any USB-Devicebooty#1, Doc, NightMan
  Copy to USB-Device BCD BootMGR18851 KBCopy Win7PE to any USB-Device, use BCD BootMGRNightMan, NetFanTom


  Chinese.txt10.65 KB
  Dutch.txt18.17 KB
  French.txt20.45 KB
  German.txt18.12 KB
  Italian.txt18.53 KB
  Portuguese.txt16.01 KB
  Romanian.txt18.18 KB
  Russian.txt16.68 KB
  Russian_UTF8.rar7.16 KB
  Spanish.txt18.78 KB
  Turkish.txt20.74 KB
  z_Change_Language_1.png11.58 KB
  z_Change_Language_2.png15.44 KB
  z_Change_Language_3.png14.25 KB

  7z.dll893 KB
  7z.exe160 KB
  7za.exe574 KB
  7za_License.txt1.13 KB
  7z_License.txt1.88 KB
  innounp.exe467 KB
  innounp.htm26.69 KB
  InstallWimSYS.exe279.04 KB
  libeay32.dll1012 KB
  mkisofs.exe215.34 KB
  msvcr71.dll340 KB
  msvcr71.dll_ReadMe.txt208 Bytes
  peimg.ini38 Bytes
  sCalculate.exe273.9 KB
  ssleay32.dll192 KB
  ssshim.dll115.56 KB
  upx.exe277 KB
  webget.exe22.5 KB
  WGet.exe312 KB
  zPeIMG.exe436.09 KB

  hiderun.cpp1.92 KB

  AU3361.exe851.37 KB
  ExpEnvVar_Info.txt904 Bytes
  ExpEnvVar_x64.exe760.95 KB
  gimagex.exe248.36 KB
  hiderun_Info.txt994 Bytes
  hiderun_x64.exe38.87 KB
  SetACL.exe431 KB
  SetACL2.1.1.exe432 KB
  WimUtil.exe413.55 KB

  AU3361.exe727.87 KB
  ExpEnvVar_Info.txt904 Bytes
  ExpEnvVar_x86.exe274.96 KB
  gimagex.exe192.86 KB
  hiderun_Info.txt994 Bytes
  hiderun_x86.exe8.37 KB
  SetACL.exe296.5 KB
  SetACL2.1.1.exe294 KB
  WimUtil.exe375.55 KB